Active Scale object storage

Active Scale Object Storage Software

With Active Scale, performance, capacity, and scaling are seamless. As new nodes are added, network and computing resources come online immediately to load balance data requests and system tasks. New storage is added to the capacity pool and write activity is optimally distributed across storage resources using Dynamic Data Placement heuristics.

Active Scale Platform Specifications

Built with high-density, high-capacity server technologies, Active Scale appliances seamlessly expand to provide robust, reliable S3-compatible object storage for your most demanding workloads and data growth.

Active Storage* min:504 TB648 TB1080 TB460.8 TB
Active Storage max:1,008 TB
2 modules
Active Storage Media:HDDHDDHDDNVME SSD
Objects min / max:235 M / 470 M1.25 B / Unlimited5 B / Unlimited1 B / Unlimited
Cold Storage (optional) min/ max:1 PB / Unlimited
Client Connectivity
Per Module/Server:6 x 10 Gb per module2 x 25 Gb per server4 x 25 Gb per twin server2 x 25 Gb per server
Max:12 x 10 GbUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Space Requirements:3 RU per module1 RU per server4 RU per twin server1 RU per server
Minimum Configuration:1 module (3U)3 servers (3U)2 twin servers (8U)3 servers (3U)
Power Consumption:Up to 760 watts per moduleUp to 433 watts per serverUp to 2,500 watts per serverUp to 660 watts per server
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