Quantum's Object Storage optimizes the
value obtained from expanding data sets,
all while cutting costs by as much as 80%
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Powerful. Secure. Wireless.
Zyxel delivers top-notch WiFi 7 performance coupled
with cutting-edge cybersecurity features.
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Unlock Precision
Testing with OTDR Adapters
Enhance your testing capabilities with our
advanced OTDR test adapters. Designed to
seamlessly integrate with both NSA and Tes Pro systems
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Offering 360 degree
security solutions
Vantage offers a wide range of electronic
security solutions, including CCTV cameras,
access & time management systems, door
communication systems, entrance management
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and protect your data with Nexsan
Nexsan delivers secure and dependable storage
solutions, guaranteeing protection and
accessibility of critical data for businesses
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Keeping the built environment
secure with physical security
Meesons A.I., we understand that creating
awareness around better-rated security
solutions is vital in the race to secure
our buildings and people
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Tecnoware Offers robust
protection for critical business
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The original Slimpatchcord Offers services like cabling, fiber optics/ FTTX, wireless LAN, active components configurations.
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Simplify your installation and integration
efforts with AETEK
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Where Efficiency Meets Expertise: Your Goods, Our Responsibility.

Who we work with

Our Vendors


Motabaqah ICT Distribution is an authorized distributor of Quantum storage and backup solutions. Quantum is a trusted leader in global data storage, offering seamless scalability for businesses to expand storage capacity without costly upgrades. Their robust solutions ensure reliable data protection and archiving, while innovative deduplication technology enhances storage efficiency, reducing costs by eliminating duplicate data.

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Motabaqah ICT Distribution is an authorized distributor of Nexsan storage and backup solutions. Nexsan is recognized as an industry leader with a solid reputation and extensive customer base, known for its innovative and high-performance storage solutions. Providing dependable data protection, Nexsan delivers secure storage options that ensure the accessibility and safety of essential business data. Featuring advanced efficiency capabilities such as automated tiering and data deduplication, Nexsan enables businesses to enhance storage efficiency and cut costs. Moreover, the scalability and adaptability of Nexsan’s storage solutions allow businesses to seamlessly adjust and expand their storage infrastructure to accommodate changing needs.

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Motabaqah ICT Distribution is an authorized distributor of Tecnoware UPS solutions. Tecnoware offers strong UPS and data center power solutions that maintain continuous business operations during power outages. Featuring their Green Power UPS Line, which includes cutting-edge energy-saving technology, Tecnoware can decrease power consumption by up to 40%. These solutions provide immediate protection and contribute to long-term cost savings by prolonging the lifespan of equipment and reducing energy use, making them a wise choice for efficient and dependable power backup.

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Motabaqah ICT Distribution is an authorized distributor of AEM copper and fiber cable testing and certification devices. AEM's cable tester ensures efficient cable testing across diverse applications with precise results. Its versatile design makes it suitable for testing various cable types and configurations, serving industries such as telecom, data centers, manufacturing, and hospitality. Known for durability, the tester is designed to withstand demanding environments, catering to both field technicians and laboratory use. AEM's product, TestPro CV100, has received recognition as a Gold honoree within the cabling community, affirming its excellence in the field.

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Founded in 1989, Zyxel is a Taiwanese company at the forefront of networking and communications technology. With a focus on delivering reliable and secure connectivity, the company offers a diverse range of networking products and solutions catering to both global businesses and consumers. Zyxel is renowned for its extensive product portfolio, which includes routers, switches, access points, security appliances, and a multitude of efficient networking solutions. Their commitment to innovation has solidified Zyxel as a trusted name in the industry, providing robust and versatile options for a seamless and secure networking experience.

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Slim patch cords by Triotronik are the epitome of efficiency and sleek design in the world of connectivity. Crafted with precision and innovation, these cords boast a remarkably slim profile, making them ideal for tight spaces and clutter-free environments. Whether you're connecting patch panels to switches or your network devices to data points, these patch cords deliver superior performance without sacrificing style. With Triotronik's commitment to quality and reliability, you can trust that each connection maintains optimal signal integrity, ensuring seamless communication between your devices. Say goodbye to bulky cables and hello to the streamlined elegance of Slim patch cords by Triotronik. Slim patch cords are: 1) World's thinnest patch cable. Six time thinner than conventional patch cords. 2) Very short plug and 90 degrees bnding radius. 3) A more organized rack space 4) 100% high-quality copper wires 5) Suitable for 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet 6) Suitable for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 7) Fluke ISO channel tested

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Meesons specializes in delivering physical security solutions to enhance overall security and protect businesses from potential threats. Their access control offerings, including turnstiles, gates, and barriers, enable effective management of entry, allowing businesses to restrict access to authorized personnel. Particularly beneficial for businesses requiring precise access control in sensitive areas such as data centers, research labs, and high-security facilities, Meesons' turnstiles play a crucial role in reinforcing security measures by ensuring only authorized individuals access restricted areas, thereby deterring unauthorized entry.

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With a steadfast 30-year presence in the security industry, Vantage is dedicated to "Keeping You Safe." Operating across 45+ countries, including the UK, USA, Hong Kong, UAE, and India, Vantage specializes in tailoring custom security solutions for diverse markets. Their comprehensive product line encompasses electronic security solutions such as CCTV cameras, access and time management systems, door communication systems, and entrance management systems. Having made a global impact, Vantage has secured spaces worldwide with over 5 million CCTV cameras installed from the UK to India.

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Founded in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2015, AETEK specializes in providing industrial PoE Switches, Extenders, Injectors, Media Converters, Camera Housings, and more. AETEK enhances video surveillance globally with advanced camera housing solutions, catering to over 50 countries. Leveraging a decade of outdoor PoE expertise, AETEK develops practical indoor and industrial solutions. Their L2 Smart & L2 PRO switches with NTS ensure ONVIF compatibility, streamlining the handling of ONVIF IP cameras.

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SATIR specializes in advanced thermal cameras designed for precise temperature measurement and enhanced safety in industrial applications. Tailoring solutions to meet the specific requirements of sectors such as manufacturing and energy, SATIR provides custom thermal imaging solutions to enhance operational efficiency. Known for rugged reliability, SATIR's thermal cameras are built tough for consistent performance in challenging industrial settings, minimizing downtime. These cameras also employ advanced analytics through cutting-edge software for in-depth thermal analysis, detecting anomalies, and optimizing energy usage to support data-driven decision-making.

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