KAT6 Slimpatchkabel, UUTP, Blue

KAT6 slim patch cable, U/UTP, flat, blue


  • Category 6 patch cable
  • Shielding: U/UTP unshielded
  • 4 pairs twisted
  • Cable thickness: AWG36 100% copper
  • Sheath: PVC
  • 14 different lengths
  • New innovative nozzle design

The SLIM patch cables from the SLIM® brand are a solution for cabling problems of various kinds. Although optically quite similar to a ribbon cable, the SLIM patch cables achieve the values ​​of category 6 and are therefore suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T applications, too Gigabit Ethernet, suitable. A total of three SLIM patch cables have the diameter of a single commercially available KAT6 patch cable. Despite the extremely thin construction, the cable has twisted individual pairs of wires. It also has a wide, flexible jack protection as well as a practical length imprint on both ends and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE according to IEEE802.3af).
Typical areas of application for the SLIM patch cables:

  • Overcrowded server or network cabinets or cable ducts
  • Telephone panels or switches with high port densities: with very short cables you can easily patch from switch to switch or switch to panel without a cable management panel
  • Connection of VoIP telephones, as the cables are extremely flexible and therefore easy to lay on a desk
  • Applications in industry or manufacturing where Ethernet connections are required but there is little space
  • As a patch cable in the notebook bag for technicians and field staff
  • In private environments, to lay a patch cable under the carpet or armchair ledge
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