Rev 190 Security Revolving Door

The Rev 190 is the world’s first fully automatic 4-wing, bi-directional high-security revolving door to achieve certification to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 8 up to C5 (SR3).

Meesons Rev 190 is the world’s first revolving door certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8 up to C5 (SR3) and designed to maintain maximum security at all times. Furthermore, it provides an ideal layer of façade security in higher-risk buildings like Data Centres and Critical National Infrastructure. It is a fully automatic 4-wing, bi-directional, security revolving door that authorised users can use comfortably. Providing anti-piggybacking detection that prevents intruders from gaining access. In addition, it has configurable transit modes for day and night, meaning you can rely on it at all times.

While other revolving doors may rely on a secondary barrier, such as a night shutter, to protect against forced entry, the Rev 190 high-security revolving door is a fully attack-ready solution. The Rev 190 combines functionality and forced entry protection into a single product. 

Technical Details


External Diameter1911mm
Internal Diameter1780mm
Internal Height2060mm / 2135mm / 2300mm
External Height ( R)2220mm / 2295mm / 2460mm
External Height ( S)2290mm / 2365mm / 2530mm
Number of Doors/ Wings4-wing


OperationFully automatic
ThroughputLow – High throughput options
FlowBi-directional, simultaneous use
TransitConfigurable day/night mode


Top CanopyFB2/NS EN 1522
Metal StructureFB4/NS EN 1522
AccreditationSecure by Design
Document Q Compliant
LPS1175: Issue 8C5 (SR3), B3 (SR2), A1 (SR1)


Secure side mechanical unlocking device​
Emergency stop button​
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