Network Service Assistant

Multifunction Qualification+ Tester

Users no longer have to decide between purchasing a qualification network tester and a cable certifier. The Network Service Assistant offers a comprehensive solution by introducing the Qualification+ hybrid system equipped with Certi-Lite technology.


The Network Service Assistant (NSA) is an innovative hybrid test solution that eliminates the need to choose between a qualification network tester and a cable certifier. It incorporates Certi-Lite technology, which aligns with ANSI/TIA 1152-A single-ended testing standards. These standards cover many of the parameters also tested in bi-directional certification. Although single-ended testing isn’t recognized for cable manufacturer warranty approvals, it still offers a more comprehensive testing method than basic wiremap testing for those not needing warranty validation. The NSA is the pioneer in integrating Certi-Lite technology.

IT departments frequently require verification that their cabling infrastructure complies with specific standards to support various applications or to manage network modifications. Traditionally, this could mean acquiring multiple testers for different functionalities — wired, wireless, and certification testing — which can be expensive. The NSA provides a cost-effective alternative, offering an extensive array of test functions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing multiple devices. Moreover, the NSA’s modular design facilitates easy upgrades and expansion of testing capabilities as technological advancements are made or as AEM introduces new features. For instance, integrating an OTDR function is effortlessly achieved by swapping in a new test adapter.

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