TestPro CV100

Multifunction Cable Certifier

The TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier, an award-winning device, is specifically designed for the contemporary Smart Building network infrastructure. It provides the most feature-rich testing platform available today, and its modular design enables customization to meet specific testing requirements.

Smart Building Test Kits are pre-packaged to meet all your testing needs. (K60E, K61E, K71E)

TP with Icons

During the installation phase of a project, when you are certifying the copper and/or fiber optic network infrastructure, TestPro efficiently certifies CAT6A within seconds. It covers all standard test parameters and additional measures such as DC Resistance Unbalance, TCL, ELTCTL, and distance to fault for RL, NEXT, and Shield. TestPro also offers Tier 1 fiber optic certification and, with the addition of OTDR, provides Tier 2 fiber optic certification. Both copper and fiber tests are enhanced by LiveWiremapTM, which gives immediate audible and visual confirmation of end-to-end connectivity.

For individuals in charge of deploying and/or troubleshooting end devices like digital lighting, wireless access points, security cameras, environmental sensors, and more, TestPro offers a comprehensive test suite designed to verify infrastructure readiness to support these technologies.

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