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The SATIR UMTI is a handheld thermal monocular camera that is best suitable for security applications such as carrying out patrols of premises at night time. The UMTI can take thermal images and video recording for security observation for example in a protected wildlife park. The UMTI is suitable for use during the day and in the night as it can penetrate through darkness, haze and smoke. The user will not be affected by glare of car or search lights. It has a compact size and weighs 650g which means it is a highly portable IR camera that is easy to carry and operate.
The SATIR UMTI has a 384X288 IR detector which generates 110592 pixels, this will give the user a good clear image of the environment. The image palette mode is black/white hot which is the recommended color palette to use when carrying out infrared surveillance for security purposes. 
The SATIR UMTI has a rechargeable lithium battery that will operate for 3.5 hours and a spare battery can easily be carried to extend the surveillance due to the camera lightweight design.
The image data output is via the video or the viewfinder. The UMTI has a pressurized eyepiece which means the user will have comfort when watching the viewfinder for long durations. The UMTI has a 2x, 4x zoom functions which allows the user to see their object closer. If the UMTI is accidentally faced towards the sun, the camera won’t be damaged. The UMTI can recognize humans at a range of 86m and recognize cars at a range of 288 (based on 28°x21°). Optional lenses are available on request. 
When buying the UMTI you will receive, batteries, charger, data connection cable and in the future if you require further accessories, please check out our online store. 


•    384×288 IR Detector

•    Portable Design

•    Easy to operate

•    Built-in video recording system (MP4 format)

•    General purpose rechargeable battery (Lithium Battery)

•    IP66 Encapsulation 


Camera NameUMTI 
   Resolution  384×288
   Thermal Sensitivity (N.E.T.D)   ≤0.05°C @30°C
   Detector Type  UFPA
   Spectral Range  8~14 um
   FOV  28°x21°,8°x6°(optional)
   Power Consumption  <4W
   Battery Operation Time  >3 hr
   Start-up Time  <20s
   Storage   ~20,000 images~1 hour video (with 2G storage space)
   Encapsulation   IP66
Physical Characteristics (Camera Body) 
   Weight  650 g
   Dimensions  188x94x80mm
   Power Input  Li-ion Rechargeable battery
   Video Output  PAL(or NTSC)
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